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Attract. Retain. Engage.

In this changing world of work, your people are your strongest advantage. Yet maintaining top talent at the right cost is a continuous challenge for business. Leaders are faced with questions such as:

  • How can we become an “employer of choice,” and attract top talent?
  • How can we help new employees integrate with our culture and thrive in their ever-evolving roles?
  • How can we grow our company while minimizing risk?
  • How can we care for our people while managing our balance sheet?

From information to insights. From insights to intelligence.

Making the best decisions for your workforce is complex, and there are multiple variables at play all the time. In light of this reality, industry leaders understand the power of data to identify, attract, develop, and retain the right people.

Drawing from our industry experience and scientific training, our team understands the great potential for information to enhance decisions, optimizing resources while supporting people in their work. With predictive and prescriptive information, you can effectively link talent decisions with strategic planning.

People Analytics Solutions

Percipient solutions helps organizations streamline their HR processes with People Analytics. We develop data-driven strategies to identify, attract, develop, and retain top talent. We can help you move from HRIS and historical data to predictive answers and recommendations. We aim to give you a complete picture of your workforce to help address your key workforce questions.

Our People Analytics service offerings include the following areas:

Workforce Planning
Talent Sourcing
Talent Acquisition
Onboarding and Engagement
EVP and Performance Management
Talent, Attrition and Retention
Employee Wellness, Health and Safety

Get ahead of the curve with People Analytics.

Our expert team has deep experience in human resources leadership, I/O psychology, behavioural economics, analytics, and data science. We offer customized solutions to help your organization get started with People Analytics or grow your People Analytics capacity.

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