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Tajinder Kumar, Co-founder & CEO


Tajinder has 25 years experience in business development and corporate human resources. Tajinder has held corporate roles ranging from Asia Pacific Director for the GTO business at Deutsche Bank AG, to Senior Vice President for Citibank NA, to Head of Human Resources for the RBL Bank. He earned his Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from City University of New York.

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Siddarth, Co-Founder & Technical Services Manager

Sid is a Chemical & Biological Engineering Graduate from UBC, Vancouver. Sid believes that automation and digitization will soon disrupt all businesses, and new business models will provide significant gains to society through newer employment and economic opportunities.

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Jason Winkler


Jason brings over 26 years business experience including 16 years as a partner with Deloitte working across Canada, the US, Hong Kong (2 years living) and Iran.  Jason has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario. A Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, Georgetown University and a Certificate in Political Studies, from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.

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Farimah Youssefirad

Business Development Manager

Farimah is the Business Development Manager for Percipient Solutions Limited. She has worked with an international trading and healthcare organization before joining Percipient. Her last corporate role was with BGT Ltd as the Marketing Manager.

Farimah earned her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and an MBA from the University of Wales, UK. She likes to check new fashion trends on Instagram in her free time from.

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Aman Rai

Marketing Services Manager

Aman is studying entrepreneurial leadership in Vancouver. He aspires to be recognized as a marketing and management expert.

Aman believes that marketing is connected to the marketer’s passion and enthusiasm for the product. He believes that the customer service and quality are among the most important factors for a customer to stay with the organization.

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