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1. We Walk with You on Your People Analytics Journey

We are your partners, helping you to take the first steps on your people analytics journey, or grow your people analytics capacity. We do not provide out-of-the-box solutions; instead, we strive to understand your organization and adapt our solutions to your needs. Our CEO has experienced the challenges and the joys of people management first-hand, and has witnessed the impact that strong data-driven insights can make.

2. Employee Privacy Matters

Protecting individual privacy and clients’ data is a core value of Percipient Solutions Limited (PSL). To maintain individual privacy, we read only the metadata and we don’t store communication content. ​ We can work on your premise or on cloud or on hybrid as per your business requirement and need. We follow best-in-class practises to ensure your data is treated in compliance with applicable regulations. As a local company, we ensure that your data doesn’t leave Canadian borders.

3. Experts in the Science of Decision-Making

We believe that smart decisions rely on objective data. We help you establish key indicators and metrics, integrate data from a variety of sources, examine relationships, and forecast trends — so that you can make the most informed decisions regarding your people. Drawing on our backgrounds in behavioural economics and I/O psychology, we understand how human biases can interfere with sound decision-making. We help you gain awareness of these biases, and how to minimize their impact.

4. Wisdom Gleaned from Experience

We have observed in large and small organizations​ alike: a lack of good information to support key people management decisions. ​In our professional careers, we have observed that organizations grow faster where decision making is more democratic, structured and scientific. The availability of data is unlocking new opportunities for truly informed people management decisions.

5. Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the vast potential each person holds within an organization. At the same time, we understand that there are myriad factors which can come in the way of employees reaching their potential. We believe a good understanding of people — their feelings toward work, the internal and external opportunities available to them, their views of company practices, and so on — is critical for helping people to feel their best and do their best work.

Put your people data to work.

People Analytics Dashboards

​​Move from ad-hoc, disjointed reporting to an integrated, comprehensive view of your workforce. Open new conversations based on real-time patterns and trends.

Recruitment and Hiring Analytics

Maximize returns on your recruitment efforts. Understand when to select internal vs. external candidates. Tap passive candidates. Calculate cost per placement for your organization.

Leadership Development

Identify which Learning & Development offerings are most effective and generating the highest ROI. Predict which programs and offerings are worth investing in. Inform succession planning decisions with the data based on performance, engagement, and team productivity over a period of time.

Employee Engagement

Track employee satisfaction as well as pain points, and how these change over time. Uncover how engagement survey factors correlate with employee productivity and other factors. Understand the ROI of improved employee engagement within your organization.

Organizational Analytics

Strengthen execution capabilities in your organization by ​analyzing direct and indirect relationships ​among employees. Understand and seed​ the agile networks of teams ​for ​significant innovation and sustained​ competitive advantage.


Track ​the progress of ​your diversity ​plans & ​initiatives.​ ​Plot scenarios ​from​ your ​existing ​data​ and project the changes you need to make in your diversity initiatives to achieve desired results.


Examine how employee variables (level of training, engagement, potential fatigue, etc.) and broader environmental variables (weather, job site conditions, maintenance schedules, etc.) are related to past safety incidents. Uncover the highest predictors of workplace accidents, leading to more informed decisions on safety matters.

Are you ready?

As the digital era unfolds, data-driven insights will play an increasingly significant role in people management practices. Get ready: